Return to Play Plan

As you are certainly aware, community sports came to a sudden stop with the onset of Covid-19. In the past months, different sport associations have gradually restarted their programming based on local factors under a “Return to Sport” plan in line with provincial sport bodies as mandated by the BC government. The purpose of this plan is to return to playing under the safest possible conditions. All sports have had to make certain modifications in order to reduce risk and Pickleball is no different. Pickleball has been a bit slower than other sports due to restart due to some of it’s vulnerable participants, but is now back on track to playing under modified conditions.

The WPA is committed to doing it’s best to reduce the risks associated with the sport and as a result all members are required to review the plan prior to participating in WPA programs.

Return To Play Plan


Due to Covid-19 and our RTP plan, we have a mandated requirement that all WPA members fill out our digital waiver which includes a section agreeing to abide by our Covid-19 specific procedures while participating in WPA associated programs and events. This is a mandatory requirement in order to keep our association insurance through Pickleball BC and Pickleball Canada.  

Complete the waiver here

Code of Conduct

The WPA code of conduct was put into place to ensure that participants maintain environment of respect, safety and sportsmanship.

Code of Conduct

Court Etiquette

Guidelines for on-court play that will maximize the enjoyment of yourself and all other participants

Court Etiquette Policy

Whistler Pickleball Week Event Plan (Aug 8-16, 2020)

Due to the use of RMOW community courts for the event, we have created a specific event plan for the Free Community Introduction Program, please review the safety plan if you are volunteering or participating in the event.

RTP Event Plan