The Whistler Pickleball Association (WPA) aims to support the Whistler community in developing, promoting and growing Pickleball as an inclusive sport throughout the Whistler area.


The purpose of the Whistler Pickleball association is to facilitate the growth of Pickleball in Whistler and surrounding areas for the enjoyment, health and social engagement for all players by offering organized recreational and competitive play. We endeavor to create opportunities for continued development for all players in a safe, respectful, and inclusive environment.   

Operationally, we follow the “3P’s” Quality Sport Model, doing what we can to positively affect the quality of local Programs, People (participants, coaches, organizers), and Places (facilities)

The goal of quality sport is to create positive experiences in supportive environments. Ultimately, if sport participation and physical activity isn’t fun, progressive, positive, or welcoming, children, youth, and adults alike will turn to other activities that may be much less healthy. 

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