As part of our Covid-19 safety plan, we have chosen to do our free community pickleball introductions as “bubble groups”. This means that you can signup for your own dedicated timeslot as a group leader and invite up to 5 of your friends/family to form your own group. All ages including kids are welcome.

Please note that because of our covid safety protocols, we need full names and contact info for all participants. In addition, participants will be required to fill out a waiver and read our event specific safety plan before participating.

For booking purposes we need contact info for the group leader; full list of names can be provided after we followup to confirm your booking.


Complete the waiver here

Whistler Pickleball Week Event Plan (Aug 8-16, 2020)

Due to the use of RMOW community courts for the event, we have created a specific event plan for the Free Community Introduction Program, please review the safety plan if you are volunteering or participating in the event.

RTP Event Plan